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Faculty Resources

Links to useful websites & information at Rutgers 

Online Roster Access

  • Click on Rosters & Electronic Grading Information System (REGIS)
  • Use NetID/password to log on
  • History instructors can only view students registered under the courses they are taeaching/have taught.  For access to cross listed classes, contact other department
  • Same site for Grade Submission

Scheduling and Space Management

  • Click on Room Capacities to see the MAXIMUM number of students your classroom can seat
  • There is a link to the current semester’s final examination schedule, please consult when creating your syllabus
  • Online Schedule of Classes link – has the most current scheduling information, including rooms, times, etc.

Online Schedule of Classes

  • Look up index number, class location/room/time
  • Can look up past few years of class schedules

Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research

(formerly Center for the Advancement of Teaching, formerly formerly Teaching Excellence Center)

  • From here, you may look at the results of the instructor rating surveys (Student Instructional Rating Survey – SIRS).  To see individual student comments you must come to the department.  Click on SIRS and enter your RCI ID/password for access.

Enhanced Classroom Support

[Look up your classroom features and report problems with equipment]

  • Type in building code and click search
  • A page appears with the current technology in that classroom, so you may check before you start teaching for the semester
  • Just in case the equipment in your classroom does not work or you need help, call 732-445-3612.

Library: Faculty Services


Business Office Resources

For guidelines and business policies, go to the History Business Office Sakai page HERE.


Emergency Management Plans


Graduate Admissions Information:

Visit the GRE website for more infomation, click HERE.


Syllabus resources:

Academic Calendar

  • A link to the academic calendar, useful for instructors and for creating your syllabus.

Statement on Plagiarism

Sakai Portal

  • To begin setting up your course materials using Sakai
  • Follow Faculty instructions on the first page

SAS Forms and Downloads

Parking and Transportation

  • Check HERE for parking pass/renewal information

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