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Stephen Reinert

Associate Professor of History

Ph.D. in History (Byzantine, western medieval, medieval Balkans), UCLA (1982)

M.A. in Near Eastern Languages & Cultures (Turcology), UCLA (1981)

B.A. in History, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington (1972)

At Rutgers since 1985

218 Van Dyck Hall
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My research focus is comparative Byzantine, Balkan, and Turkic history and culture in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. I am particularly interested in the figures Manuel II Palaiologos and Yildirim I Bayezid, and Christian perceptions of Islam and Muslims.


My current usual offerings are:


  • 510:213 The Crusades
  • 510:255 Dracula: Facts & Fictions
  • Seminars (History, Honors) Medieval Cluny, Christendom & Islam


  • 510:509 The Teaching of History
  • 510:541 Colloquium in Global History


My key articles on late Byzantine and early Ottoman history are published as Late Byzantine and Early Ottoman Studies (Ashgate, 2014). I am also the principal editor of TO ELLENIKON: Studies in Honor of Speros Vryonis, Jr., vol. 1, Hellenic Antiquity and Byzantium, and vol. 2, Byzantinoslavica, Islamica, the Balkans and Modern Greece (Caratzas, 1993). I am the coordinating translator and editor of the English edition of Matei Cazacu’s Dracula (Brill, 2017). I’m currently working on two books: Yildirim I Bayezid: An Early Ottoman Sultan, and Studies on Manuel II Palaiologos.


  • Byzantine Studies Association of North America
  • Turkish Studies Association
  • Medieval Academy of America

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