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Hanebrink, Paul


Paul Hanebrink

Associate Professor of History

Ph.D., Department of History, The University of Chicago (2000)

At Rutgers Since 2001

101A Van Dyck
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Modern East Central Europe, with a particular focus on Hungary; the history of nationalism and antisemitism as modern political ideologies; the place of religion in the modern nation-state.



  • 510:261 History of the Holocaust
  • 510:102 Development of Europe II
  • 510:327 20th Century Europe
  • 510:381 National Conflict in Eastern Europe
  • 20th Century Eastern Europe


  • 510:599 Problems and Directed Readings: Modern Europe


  • In Defense of Christian Hungary:  Religion, Nationalism, and Antisemitism, 1890-1944 (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2006).
  • “Transnational Culture War: Christianity, Nation, and the Judeo-Bolshevik Myth in Hungary, 1890-1920,” Journal of Modern History, forthcoming.
  • “Christianity and National Reconstruction in Interwar Hungary” in Brian Porter and Bruce Berglund, eds., Christianity in Eastern Europe, forthcoming.
  • "The Redemption of Christian Hungary: Christianity, Confession, and Nationalism in Hungary, 1919-1944" in Michael Geyer and Hartmut Lehmann, editors. Religion und Nation. Goettingen: Wallstein Verlag, forthcoming.
  • " 'Christian Europe' and National Identity in Inter-War Hungary" in Marsha Rozenblit and Pieter Judson, editors. Reconstructing Nationalities in East Central Europe. Berghahn Books, forthcoming.
  • "Continuities and Change in Hungarian Antisemitism, 1945-1948." In Hungary and the Holocaust. Confrontation With the Past. Symposium Proceedings. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2001
  • A Spectre Haunting Europe: The Idea of Judeo-Bolshevism in Twentieth Century Europe. Book project, under contract with Harvard University Press. (Work in Progress)

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