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Common Examiners


FALL 2017 - Spring 2018


20C: Rachel Devlin ( Chief Examiner)

19C: Jackson Lears (Co-examiner)

Colonial: Paul Clemens (Co-examiner)

African American

Donna Murch (Chief Examiner)

Mia Bay (Co-examiner, Fall)

Erica Dunbar (Co-examiner, Spring)

European Medieval

Samantha Kelly (Chief Examiner)

Stephen Reinert (Co-examiner)

European Early Modern

Alastair Bellany (Chief Examiner)

Jennifer Jones (Co-examiner)

European Modern

Paul Hanebrink (Chief Examiner)

Judith Surkis (Co-examiner, Fall)

Seth Koven (Co-examiner, Spring)


Women and Gender

Belinda Davis (Chief Examiner)

Leah DeVun (Co-examiner)


Marisa Fuentes (Chief Examiner)

All Atlantic/Diaspora faculty participate in the exam.

Global and Comparative

Students choose their own exam foci and identify attendant examiners.

Latin American

Cami Townsend (Chief Examiner)

All Latin American faculty participate in exam


Students choose their own foci and identify attendant examiners.

DATES for 2017/18:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Friday, February 2, 2018

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Please contact faculty soon to review reading lists and discuss expectations.

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