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Early Modern European History

Graduate Study in Early Modern Europe

About the Program

The Early Modern European history program is recognized as a leader in the field. Organized around an introductory reading course  (Readings in Early Modern History), topical colloquia taught by distinguished scholars, and a year-long history seminar, the early modern European specialization draws upon the history department's strength in cultural, social, intellectual, women's and gender, and comparative and global history. Students find their work enriched by the graduate program's parallel specializations: Early America, Atlantic cultures and the African diaspora, medieval history, and modern European history. Designed for highly qualified applicants, graduate studies in Early Modern European history provides an excellent foundation for academic careers in teaching and research.

Graduate Faculty

Tuna Artun
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Princeton
Late Medieval and Early Modern Middle East and Balkans; Alchemy in the Ottoman world; Byzantine History

Rudolph Bell
Social and cultural history of Early Modern Europe, especially Italy; specialties include popular religion, saints, and the history of reading

Alastair Bellany
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Princeton
Early Modern Britain, with particular focus on cultural and political history

James Delbourgo
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Columbia
Atlantic World, Science, Early Modern Expansionism

Leah DeVun
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Columbia
Medieval and Renaissance; science, gender and sexuality

Jennifer M. Jones
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Princeton
Early Modern European History; France, Old Regime and Revolution; European Women's History

Samantha Kelly

Ph.D., Northwestern
Political and cultural history of Medieval and Renaissance Europe, especially Italy; European-African relations in the Renaissance

Stephen W. Reinert
Associate Professor

Byzantine; medieval Balkan; early Ottoman history

Nancy Sinkoff (Jewish Studies)
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Columbia
Early modern and modern Jewish; Eastern Europe

Paola Tartakoff
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Columbia
Religious and cultural history of medieval Europe

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