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October 2017

 Lubot, Rebecca

McGrath, Patrick

 Pinyan, Kristen Canzano

 May 2017


"The Passage of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment: Nuclear Anxiety and Presidential Continuity"

"Catholics Incorporated: Class, Power, and the Politics of Assimilation in Nineteenth Century America"

 "Changing Understandings of Gentility: Status, Gender, and Social Oppoertunity in England, c. 1400-1530"      


T.J. Jackson Lears 


James Masschaele

David Greenberg

Boyd, Kendra "The Great Migration and Black Entrepreneurship in Detroit" Mia Bay
Doucette, Courtney  "Perestroika: The Last Attempt to Create The New Soviet Person" Jochen Hellbeck
Florio Lane, Yvette  "Good Business: Charity, Capitalism, and the Moral Economy of Watercress and Flower Girls' Mission, London 1866-1914" Seth Koven
Reid, David "Salt in the Wound: The Colorado River Salinity Crisis, the Cold War, and the Mexican State, 1961-1974" Mark Wasserman
January 2017    
Klots, Alissa "The Kitchen Maid That Will Rule The State: Domestic Service and The Soviet Revolutionary Project, 1917-1941" Jochen Hellbeck
October 2016      
Bruton, Scott "The American Dream in Indian Country: Housing, Property, and Assimilation on the Navajo Rerservation and Beyond" T.J. Jackson Lears
Glock, Earl (Judge) "The Search for a Balanced Economy: The Origins of the Morgage Market and Bank Bailouts, 1913-1939" Jennifer Mittelstadt

Moss, Kenneth

Pettit, Jennifer
"Suppressing the Fourth Estate: The Relationship between the Mexican Government and the Media, 1900-1940"

"A Better Home for Every Body: Homemaking and Liberal Individualism in 1920s America"

Mark Wasserman


T.J. Jackson Lears
Resnick-Day, Benjamin America "Debating the 'Inevitable': Cherokees, Senecas, and the Rhetoric of Removal, 1827-1847" Peter Silver
May 2016    
Black, Sara "Psychotropic Society: The Medical and Cultural History of Drugs in France, 1840-1920" Bonnie Smith
Bray, Mark "The Anarchist Inquisition: Terrorism and the Ethics of Modernity in Spain, 1893-1909" Temma Kaplan
Imy, Kate "Spiritual Soldiers and the Politics of Difference in the British Indian Army" Bonnie Smith and Seth Koven
Lee, Katharine "'The Young women here enjoy a liberty': Philadelphia Women and the Public Sphere, 1760s-1840s" Paul Clemens and Nancy Hewitt
January 2016    
Horne, Melissa "To Blaze the Trail: Black Student Activism in the Early Twentieth Century" Mia Bay
October 2015    
Daiutolo, Robert "George Croghan: The Life of a Conqueror" Jan Lewis
Duggan, Mark "Souls of the Beheaded: Contested Martyrdom in England, 1649-1665" Alastair Bellany
Eittreim, Elisabeth "The Teachers' Dilemma: Gender, Empire, and Education, 1879-1918" Nancy Hewitt and Benjamin Justice
Gillah, Nigel "Buccio di Ranallo and His Followers: Chroniclers of L'Aquila, 1254-1529" Samantha Kelly
Shields, Kristoffer "Culture on Trial: Law, Morality, and the Performance Trial in the Shadow of World War I" T.J. Jackson Lears
Wolkoff, Adam
"Possession and Power: The Legal Culture of Tenancy in the United States, 1800-1920"  Ann Fabian
May 2015    
Giblin, Molly "Entangled Empires: The French in China" Bonnie Smith
Robinson, Nova "Sisters or Men": Syrian and Lebanese Women's Transnational Campaigns for Arab Independence and Women's Rights, 1910-1949" Bonnie Smith and Toby Jones
January 2015    
Dansereau, Raymond "Servasanto da Faenza: Preaching and Penance in the Work of a Thirteenth-Century Franciscain" Samantha Kelly
Mitchell, Christopher "The Transformation of Gay Life from the Closet to Liberation, 1948-1980: New York City's Gay Markets as a Study in Late Capitalism James Livingston
October 2014    
Gomezdelmoral, Alejandro "Buying into Change: Consumer Culture and the Department Store in the Transformation(s) of Spain, 1939-1982" Temma Kaplan
Van der Meer, Arnout "Ambivalent Hegemony: Culture and Power in Colonial Java, 1808-1927" Michael Adas
Weller, AnnaLinden "Imagining Pre-Modern Imperialism: the letters of Byzantine imperial agents outside the metropole" Tia Kolbaba
Zalma, Adam "Staten Island in the Harbor Metropolis: The Making of a Region and the Disappearance of an Island, 1790-1858" Alison Isenberg
May 2014
Adams, John L. "'Time For A Showdown': The Partnership of Daisy and L.C. Bates, and the Politics of Gender, Protest and Marriage" Deborah Gray White
Audain, Mekala "Mexican Canaan: Fugitive Slaves and Free Blacks on the American Frontier, 1804-1867" Mia Bay
Bischof, Christopher R. "Making Good: British Elementary Teachers and the Social Landscape, 1846-1902" Seth Koven
Chapdelaine, Robin P. "A History of Child Trafficking in Southeastern Nigeria, 1900s-1930s" Temma Kaplan and Carolyn Brown
Easley-Houser, Arika L. "The Indian Image in the Black Mind: Native Americans in Antebellum African American Public Culture" Mia Bay
Francis, Leigh-Anne "Bad Girls: Race, Crime, and Punishment in New York State, 1893-1916" Nancy Hewitt
Genter Buchsbaum, Alix "Risking Everything for that Touch: Butch-Femme Lesbian Culture in New York City from World War II to Women's Liberation" Nancy Hewitt
Hill, Michael "Ethnicity and Cultural Change in a Medieval Eurasian Border Region: Wales, C. 1100-1350" James Masschaele
Rotunda, Michele "Drunkenness is No Excuse for Crime" - Alcohol, Murder and Medical Jurisprudence in Nineteenth-Century America" Susan Schrepfer
Schlichting, Kara M. "'Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires': Shaping New York's Periphery, 1840-1940" Alison Isenberg
Thomas, Felicia Y. "Entangled with the Yoke of Bondage: Black Women in Massachusetts, 1700-1783" Deborah Gray White
January 2014    
Barrett, Marsha E. "Nelson Rockefeller, Racial Politics, and the Undoing of Moderate Republicanism" David Greenberg
October 2013    
Kinkel Devries, Annalise J. "In Ma'adi, Near Cairo: Locating Global History in British-Occupied Egypt, 1878-1962" Seth Koven
Roth, Matthew, D.. "Magic Bean: The Quests That Brought Soy into American Farming, Diet, and Culture" T.J. Jackson Lears
Shin, Ji-Hye

"Insanity on the Move: The "Alien Insane" in Modern America, 1882-1930"

Virginia Yans
May 2013    
Allen, Stephen D. “Boxing in Mexico: Masculinity, Modernity, and Nationalism, 1946-1982” Mark Wasserman
Churchich, Elizabeth Ann “Children of the Revocation: The Reeducation of French Protestants after 1685” Jennifer Jones
Dinnella-Borrego, Luis-Alejandro “That Our Government May Stand”: African American Politics in the Postbellum South, 1865-1913" Mia Bay and Ann Fabian
Friedman, Matthew “Signal to Noise: Music and the Eclipse of Modernism” T.J. Jackson Lears
Gurtler, Bridget E. “Synthetic Conception: Artificial Insemination and the Transformation of Reproduction and Family in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century America” Keith Wailoo
Twagira, Laura Ann “Women and Gender at the Office du Niger (Mali): Technology, Environment, and Food ca. 1900-1985” Barbara Cooper
Vargha, Dora "Iron Curtain, Iron Lungs: Governing Polio in Cold War Hungary 1952-1963" Paul Hanebrink
Williams, Shannen Dee “Black Nuns and the Struggle to Desegregate Catholic America after World War I” Deborah Gray White
Zalmanovich, Tal “Sharing a Laugh: Sitcoms and the Production of Post-Imperial Britain, 1945-1980” Bonnie Smith
Jan 2013    
Harrison, Adrienne “His Mind Was Great and Powerful:” George Washington’s Reading and the Fashioning of His American Self" Paul Clemens
Saltamacchia, Martina "The Cathedral of Milan and its Fabulous Donor" Rudolph Bell
OCT 2012    
Fainberg, Dina "Notes from the Rotten West, Reports, from the Backward East: Soviet and American Foreign Correspondents in the Cold War, 1945-1985" Jochen Hellbeck and David Foglesong
Halpin, Dennis "Reforming Charm City: Grassroots Activism, Politics, and the Making of Modern Baltimore, 1877-1920" Alison Isenberg
Hayes, Christopher "The Heart of the City: Civil Rights, Resistance and Police Reform in New York City, 1945-1966" Mia Bay
Kiechle, Melanie "The Air We Breathe": Nineteenth-Century Americans and the Search for Fresh Air Ann Fabian
Kurimay, Anita Sex in the "Pearl of the Danube": The History of Queer Life, Love, and Its Regulation in Budapest, 1873-1941 Belinda Davis and Paul Hanebrink
Miller, Allison "Boyhood for Girls: American Tomboys and the Transformation of Eroticism, 1900-1940" T.J. Jackson Lears
Rupakheti, Sanjog "Leviathan or Paper Tiger: State Making in the Himalayas, 1740-1900" Sumit Guha
Schenkelberg, Megan "Headlong he runs into Circe's snares: Representation and the Restoration Royal Mistress" Alastair Bellany
Weeks, Daniel "Quebec and New Amsterdam to 1664: A Comparative Network Analysis" Paul Clemens
May 2012    
Estepa, Andrea “Taking the White Gloves Off: Women Strike for Peace and the Transformation of Women’s Activist Identities in the U.S., 1961-1980 Nancy Hewitt
Golway, Terrence “Machine Made: Irish America, Tammany Hall and the Creation of Modern New York Politics” John Chambers
Holden, Vanessa “Reexamining A Community: African American Women and The Southampton Rebellion of 1831” Suzanne Lebsock and Deborah Gray White
Jones-Rogers, Stephanie “Nobody Couldn’t Sell’ Em But Her’: Slaveowning Women, Mastery, and the Gendered Politics of the Antebellum Slave Market” Deborah Gray White
Molnar, Nicholas “The Fluidity of Race: Racializations of the American Mestizos in the Philippines and the United States, 1900-1955" Virginia Yans
Tuuri, Rebecca “Building Bridges of Understanding: The Activism of Wednesdays in Mississippi" Nancy Hewitt
Jan 2012    
Cooper, Melissa “’They Made Gullah’:  Modernist Primitivists and the Discovery and Creation of Sapelo Island, Georgia’s Gullah Community, 1915-1991” Mia Bay
Oct 2011    
Buchanan, Andrew “Washington’s Mediterranean Strategy: Strategic, Political and Ideological Aspects of America’s Intervention in the Mediterranean, 1940-44” Michael Adas
Cagle, Hugh Glen “Dead Reckonings: Disease and the Natural Sciences in Portuguese Asia and the Atlantic, 1450-1650” Michael Adas
Khair Gitre, Carmen "Performing Modernity: Theater and Political Culture in Egypt, 1869-1923” Michael Asdas
Narayan, Rochisha "Caste, Family and Politics in Northern India during the Eighteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries" Indrani Chatterjee
Routledge, Karen E. “In These Latitudes: American and Inuit Stories of Survival, 1850-1922” Susan Schrepfer and T.J. Jackson Lears
Stacey, Chris Robert “American Boredom: The Origins of a Way of Life, 1885-1950” T.J. Jackson Lears
May 2011    
Alexanderson, Kris "Fluid Mobility: Global Maritime Networks and the Dutch Empire, 1918-1942" Bonnie Smith
Anderson Hughes, Jessica R. "Forced Prostitution: The Competing and Contested Uses of the Concentration Camp Brothel" Belinda Davis
Daily, Andrew "Staying French: Martiniquans and Guadeloupes between Empire and Independence, 1946-1973" Bonnie Smith
Eget Hampson, Patricia L. Envisioning Progressive Communities: Race, Gender, and the Politics of Liberalism Berkeley, California and Montclair, New Jersey, 1920-1970” Alison Isenberg
Fontaine, Darcie "Decolonizing Christianity: Grassroots Ecumenism in France and Algeria, 1940-1965" Bonnie Smith
Lewis, Kay "Curse Upon the Nation: Ideas About Race, Freedom, and Extermination in Antebellum America" Deborah Gray White
MacDougall, Carla Elizabeth "Cold War Capital: Contested Urbanity in West Berlin, 1963-1989" Belinda Davis
Moore III, Joseph Price "Native Americans in Colonial New England and the Modern World-System" Allen Howard
Patton, Stacey "Why Black Children Can't Grow Up: The Construction of Racial Childhood in America, 1880-1954" Virginia Yans
Warner, Alex Ellis "Where Angels Fear to Tread:” Feminism, Sex and the Problem of SM, 1969-1993" Nancy Hewitt
January 2011    
Burlingham, Kate “In the Image of God": A Global History of the North American Congregational Mission Movement in Angola, 1879-1975 Michael Adas
October 2010    
Dizgun, John "Land without Memories: Jewish Tragedy and the Boundaries of Pluralism and Citizenship in Argentina" Samuel Baily
Epstein, Pamela "Selling Love: The Commercialization of Intimacy in America, 1860s-1900s" T.J. Jackson Lears
Polak-Springer, Peter "Making Recoveries" The Cultural Politics of Territorial Appropriation in an Industrial Polish-German Borderland, 1922-1971 Belinda Davis
May 2010    
Lyon, Elva Kathleen "The Darling Strangers and English Appetites: Technology transfer and European Cultural Barriers in the Early Modern Atlantic World" Paul Israel
Schnepper, Rachel N. "Jonas Cast Up at London: The Experience of New World Churches in Revolutionary England" Alastair Bellany
January 2010    
Frazier, Krystal "From the Reunions of Reconstruction to the Reconstruction of Reunions: Extended and Adoptive Kin Traditions among Late-Nineteenth-and Twentieth-Century African Americans" Mia Bay
Phalen, William J. "But They Did Not Build This House: The Attitude of Evangelical Protestantism towards Immigration to the United States, 1800-1924" James Livingston
Oct 2009    
Enright, Kelly "Maximum of Wilderness": Naturalists and the Image of the Jungle in American Culture Ann Fabian
Reid Maxwell, Kelena "Birth behind the Veil: African-American Midwives and Mothers in the Rural South, 1921-1962" Deborah Gray White
Rzeszutek, Sara Elizabeth "Love and Activism: James and Esther Cooper Jackson and the Black Freedom Movement n the United States, 1914-1968" Steven Lawson
Westkaemper, Emily "Martha Washington Goes Shopping: Mass Culture's Gendering of History, 1910-1950" T.J. Jackson Lears
May 2009    
Harris, Nichola "Lapidaries as Texts of Popular Healing in Medieval & Early Modern Europe, 1000-1700" Rudolph Bell
October 2008    
Braun, Lindsay Frederick "The Cadastre and the Colony: Surveying, Territory, and Legibility in the Creation of South Africa, c. 1860-1913" Michael Adas
Dobe, Michael E. "A Long, Slow Tutelage in Western Ways of Work: Industrial Education and the Containment of Nationalism in Anglo-Iranian and Aramco, 1923-1963" Paul Israel
Gitre, Edward J.K. "America Adjusted: Conformity, Boredom, and the Modern Self, c. 1920-1980" T.J. Jackson Lears
Groetsch, Ulrich "From Polyhistory to Subversion: The Philological Foundations of Hermann Samuel Reimarus's (1694-1768)" Martin Mulsow
Lewis, Abigail Sara "The Barrier Breaking Love of God": The Multiracial Activism of the Young Women's Christian Association, 1940s to 1970s Steven Lawson
Lorts, Justin T. "Black Laughter/Black Protest: Civil Rights, Respectability, and the Cultural Politics of African-American Comedy, 1934-1968" Ann Fabian
Marhoefer, Laurie T. "Among Abnormals: The Queer Sexual Politics of Germany's Weimar Republic, 1918-1933" Belinda Davis
Mendiola Garcia, Sandra "Street Vendors, Marketers, and Politics in Twentieth-Century Puebla, Mexico" Mark Wasserman
Miller, Jennifer A. "Postwar Negotiations: The First Generation of Turkish "Guess Workers" in West Germany, 1961-1973" Belinda Davis
Nelson, Robert E. "American Antigone: Women, Education, Nation, 1800-1870" James Livingston
Shapira, Michal "The War Inside: Child Psychoanalysis and Remaking the Self in Britain, 1930-1960" Bonnie Smith
Zuckerman, Emily B. "Beyond Dispute: EEOC v. Sears and the Politics of Gender, Class, and Affirmative Action, 1968-1986" Steven Lawson

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