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Jochen Hellbeck Jochen Hellbeck, Professor

Ph.D, Columbia University

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Russia in World History, Warfare and Totalitarianism

A historian of Russia by background, I am particularly interested in studying autobiographical accounts and people’s self-understandings in historical perspective. My first book, Revolution on My Mind (2006), explores personal diaries written in the Soviet Union under Stalin. The book addresses the paradox of self-expression in an overtly repressive political system. It also shows how Soviet diarists, while embracing the pronoun "I," molded themselves into particles of a larger "We."
The “Stalingrad Transcripts,” published in German in 2012, tell the stories of Soviet people who lived through this decisive battle of the Second World War. The book, forthcoming in English with PublicAffairs (New York), explores dozens of oral histories, ranging from army generals to nurses and riflemen, that were recorded by a group of Moscow historians who visited Stalingrad in 1943.My current research continues to be on World War II. I am preparing a book on the Soviet experience of the Nazi German occupation regime, and I am also at work on a history on World War II, presented as an entangled history of total war.

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