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Spring 2017 Courses

Spring 2017 Courses

 Spring 2017 Courses

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Course Number Course Title Instructor
   506 Courses  
 506:102   pdf World History II (152 KB)  Mathew
 506:102 pdf World War II in World History (78 KB)  Hellbeck
 506:113   pdf Patterns in Civilization: Death (180 KB)  Bell/Roden
 506:215   pdf The Modern Girl (316 KB)  Feinberg
 506:251   pdf Science and Society (10.08 MB)  Delbourgo
 506:271   pdf Jewish Society and Culture I (25 KB)  Rendsburg
 506:272  Jewish Society and Culture II  Kohn
 506:301   pdf Public History (159 KB)  O'Brassill-Kulfan
 506:302  Introduction to Oral History  Illingworth/Graham
 506:361   pdf Socialism and Communism (122 KB)  Markowitz
 506:391:01   pdf CHAPS: Culture, Preservation and Politics in the Middle East (30 KB)  Kahlaoui
 506:391:02   pdf CHAPS: Cemetaries, Monuments and Memorials (46 KB)  Woodhouse-Beyer
 506:391:03   pdf CHAPS: Methods in Cultural Heritage (89 KB)  Rico
 506:451   pdf Public History Internship (165 KB)  O'Brassill-Kulfan
 506:495 pdf History Honors Program Seminar (39 KB)  Cooper
 506:496 pdf History Honors Program Seminar (24 KB)  Cooper
 506:299:01   pdf Riots, Revolts and Rebellions (90 KB)  J. Jones
 506:299:02   pdf Practices and Ideals of Toleration (151 KB)  Koven
 506:299:04   pdf The Holocaust: History, Memory and Historical Practice (148 KB)  Hanebrink
 506:299:05   pdf The Atlantic Slave Trade in History and Memory (93 KB)  Holsey
 506:402:03   pdf Disease, Water Pollution and Social Movements (107 KB)  Kaplan
 506:402:04    pdf From Inuits to Incas: A Seminar in Native American History (21 KB)  Townsend
 506:402:05   pdf Piracy and Privateering in the British Atlantic World (121 KB)  Silver
 506:402:06   pdf Immigrants in the Americas (675 KB)  Lopez
 506:402:07   pdf Gender and the U.S. Military (139 KB)  Mittelstadt
 506:402:08  Work and its Discontents  Livingston
   508 Courses  
 508:201 pdf Islamic Civilization (89 KB)  Kahlaoui
 508:209  Jerusalem Contested  Ratzman
 508:221  West Africa  Holsey
 508:222  Modern Africa  Daly
 508:242 pdf Modern East Asia (87 KB)  Lee
 508:246   pdf History of Chinese Civilization (66 KB)  Liu
 508:247   pdf Modern China (248 KB)  Liu
 508:271  History of the Caribbean to 1898  Young, K.
 508:327   pdf Africa and WWII (578 KB)  Brown
 508:337   pdf Pirates, Pilgrims and Poets: Globalization in Indian Ocean History (162 KB)  Mathew
 508:348 pdf Chinese Intellectual History (66 KB)  Lee
 508:352   pdf Japan's Rise to World Power (8 KB)  Roden
 508:362  History of Mexico  Lauria Santiago
 508:383 pdf History of Native American Women (123 KB)  Townsend
 508:392:02  Special Topics: Mexican American Studies  Fernandez, L.
 508:392:03  Special Topics: Political Change in China  Huang, X.
 508:392:04  Special Topics: Politics of South Asia  Imtiyaz
   510 Courses  
 510:101   pdf Development of Europe I (sections 01, 02, & 03) (42 KB)  DeVun
 510:102   pdf Development of Europe II (218 KB)  Davis
 510:211:01   pdf Harvest of the Middle Ages (200 KB)  DiBattista
 510:211:03   pdf Harvest of the Middle Ages (200 KB)  DiBattista
 510:245   pdf The Arts of Power: Ritual, Myth, and Propaganda (230 KB)  Bellany
 510:302   pdf Classical Greece (79 KB)  Figueira
 510:317   pdf The Renaissance (147 KB)  Kelly
 510:349  Modern Britain  Lane, Y.
 510:351   pdf Medieval Italy, 476-1300 (247 KB)  DiBattista
 510:381   pdf Nationalism in Eastern Europe (68 KB)  Hanebrink
 510:392  Special Topics: Gothic Art  Weigert
  512 Courses  
 512:103  Development of U.S. I (sections 01-03)  Bay
 512:104 pdf Development of U.S. II (sections 01-03) (169 KB)  Clemens
 512:104:04   pdf Development of U.S. II (223 KB)  Livingston
 512:111 pdf Race, Space and Place (59 KB)  Fernandez, L.
 512:225   pdf Sexuality in America (96 KB)  Devlin
 512:240 pdf World War I (63 KB)  Grippaldi
 512:300  Colonial North America  Silver
 512:301   pdf American Revolution (167 KB)  Clemens
 512:348   pdf War, Peace and the Military since 1877 (61 KB)  Grippaldi
 512:364  History of Blacks in Urban America: Rebellion from Los Angeles to Ferguson  Murch
 512:374   pdf Cultural History of the U.S.: Protest and Performance (70 KB)  DeLeon
 512:377   pdf The 1960s (162 KB)  Markowitz
 512:379  African American History, 1877 to Present  Stanley

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