The Faculty and Program

Social and political history constitutes a vibrant subfield at Rutgers, featuring a large and wide-ranging community of graduate students and scholars. Together our work bridges politics, society, and culture, uniting the histories of social movements and cultural production with those of the state and politics. Many of us also work in the areas of gender and women’s history, African American history, and science, technology and health. And we encourage students to pursue transnational and comparative dimensions of US social and political history.

Students interested in the social and political history of the United States have opportunities to work with  Rachel Devlin, David Greenberg, Norman Markowitz, Richard L. McCormick, Jennifer Mittelstadt, Donna Murch, Beryl Satter, Johanna Schoen, Whitney Strub, Andrew Urban, and Deborah White.

In recent years graduate students at Rutgers have completed dissertations on topics such as women’s prison activism, artificial insemination, African Americans and conservatism, women’s peace movements, and the origins of government intervention in banking. Our most recent placements include tenure track positions at Bryn Mawr, Mississippi State University, the College of New Jersey, SUNY Oneonta, and University of California, Berkeley.