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Public and General History Internships

Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Public History Internships and the General Internships are courses open to undergraduate history majors. With a few exceptions, Public History internships are at not-for-profit organizations or government agencies in New Jersey and the internships are history-related. The General Internships are at sites that do not meet the Public History internship criteria.

Students may take a maximum of one of each type. The internships are offered in the spring, fall, and first summer semester. About 100 different internships are available but students may propose internships not on the list. Students should meet with the coordinator no later than the middle of the semester preceding the semester in which they want to do an internship. To earn credit, students must work a minimum of 112 unpaid hours at the site and attend several class meetings. For additional detail, see the prefatory material with the lists of the available internships.


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