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History Honors Conference

Friday, April 24, 2015, 08:45am - 05:00pm

2015 History Honors Conference

Friday, April 24

Zimmerli Art Museum
71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick


8:45 Check-In and Morning Welcome by Professor Johanna Schoen


9:00-10:00 Panel One

Moderator: Camilla Townsend

Saloni Gupta “Development of Nursing: TK Adranvala’s Negotiations with Ideological, Social and Political Constraints, 1947-1966“ (Advisor: Preetha Mani)

Max Jacobs “Uncovering the Uncovered: Young Americans for Freedom and Youth Conservative Activism in the 1960’s” (Advisor: Jim Livingston)

Aya Sakar “The Women's Liberation Movement in Egypt: Qasim Amin and Huda Sha'rawi” (Advisor: Tuna Artun)

Q&A Session (15 minutes)


10:00-11:00 Panel Two

Moderator: Alastair Bellany

Campbell Sode “Suriname: An Asian Immigrant and the Organic Creation of the Caribbean's Most Unique Fusion Culture” (Advisor: Camilla Townsend)

Samantha Snyder “The “Calamities of War”: An Examination of The Revolutionary War Diary of Quaker Margaret Morris” (Advisor: Peter Silver)

Christina Checchio "The Myth of the Feminist Belle: Three Confederate Women and Their Diaries" (Advisor: Lou Masur)

Q&A Session (15 minutes)


11:00-12:00 Panel Three

Moderator: Paola Tartakoff

Allison Bocchino “Christian Servitude and the Jews in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries” (Advisor: Paola Tartakoff)

Govind Ramagopal “Religious and Political Changes in Henrician England and its Impact on the Pilgrimage of Grace” (Advisor: Alastair Bellany)

Chir Wei Stephanie Yuen "Piloted by Jesus, Conducted by Jannisaries: Early Modern English Travelers in Ottoman Lands" (Advisor: Tuna Artun)

Q&A Session (15 minutes)


12:00-1:00 Lunch Buffet


1:00-2:00 Panel Four

Moderator: Jamie Pietruska

Sarah Schwartz “The Fight for the Pearl of the North Sea: Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty of 1890” (Advisor: Seth Koven)

Tim Valente “The March on Moscow: Italian Soldiers at the Eastern Front” (Advisor: Jochen Hellbeck)

James Pyle “A Tenuous Alliance: Domestic Politics and the Russian-American Alliance, May 1945-March 1946” (Advisor: David Foglesong)

Q&A Session (15 minutes)


2:00-3:00 Panel Five

Moderator: Jochen Hellbeck

Adam Kasarda “Being Bound to the People: Oaths Between Athens & Its Allies During the Pentekontaēteia” (Advisor: Thomas Figueira)

Joshua Blachorsky “Examining the Relationship Between the Severan Dynasty and the Patriarchate in Late Antiquity” (Advisor: Gary Rendsburg)

Shireen Hamza “Medicine in Fatimid Egypt” (Advisor: Tuna Artun)

Q&A Session (15 minutes)


3:00-4:00 Panel Six

Moderator: Thomas Figueira

Brian Foley “American Perceptions of Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1913-1919: A Case Study in Political Demonology” (Advisor: David Foglesong)

Sergio Rojas “Public Discourse on Federal Income Taxation, 1861-1900” (Advisor: Jamie Pietruska)

Q&A Session (15 minutes)


4:00-5:00 Certificate Presentation, Awards Ceremony, & Toast