Need Help?

There are several ways to get technical assistance.

The FAQ section is a good place to start, for answers or explanations about common issues for computing at the department of History.  If the answer to your issue is not there, or you still need further information, the next step is to submit a computer workorder.

To submit a work order, please click on the following link:

Be sure to completely fill out the form. (Use "n/a" or "unknown" as appropriate.) When you enter your NetID (NOT your History account name), and click "Lookup," most of the fields will pre-populate.  Please be as specific as possible in detailing your issue.  Incomplete or vague descriptions ("I can't login"; "I can't print"; "Email doesn't work") will only delay the process.  Exact error messages and complete descriptions of what you were doing when the problem occurred help us to determine the cause of the problem and possibly even find a solution without having to take the extra time to obtain more information from you.

Tip: If your problem pertains to your email account, be sure to list a working email address in the address field so that you can receive correspondence about your request.

You may submit a work order at any time of the day or night from any internet connection. Besides allowing us to track problem trends and thereby improve our services infrastructure, using the work order system also ensures that SAS technical staff is aware of your specific problem even when your regular computing support person is unavailable. By using the work order system, you help to streamline the support process and provide yourself with the fastest help possible.