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Caitlin Wiesner: John Chambers Oral History Lecture

Saturday, December 14, 2019, 12:00pm - 02:00pm

John W. Chambers Oral History Graduate Fellowship Lecture

Caitlin Reed Wiesner

(Doctoral Candidate, Department of History, Rutgers University)

“Breaking the Silence, Healing Themselves:
Black Women’s Stories from the Anti-Rape Movement”


Saturday, December 14, 2019

12:00 PM

Rutgers Academic Building

West Wing, Room 6051


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Co-sponsored by the SAS Executive Dean's Office, the Department of History, Rutgers Oral History Archives and Rutgers Living History Society, the event will take place on the College Avenue Campus at the Rutgers Academic Building, West Wing, Seminar Room 6051 at 12 PM.  Funded by The Cobb Foundation and The Ware Foundation, the Chambers Oral History Fellowship fosters the use of oral history and scholarship. 

Wiesner’s oral history interviews play an integral role in her forthcoming dissertation, “Controlling Rape: Black Women, the Feminist Movement Against Sexual Violence, and the State, 1974-1994.” Wiesner examines how African American women’s anti-rape organizing evolved in response to the ongoing federal “War on Crime,” from the first grants extended by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration to rape crisis centers in 1974 to the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. Through her research, Wiesner shows how black women subverted the “War on Crime” through their anti-rape activity. State agencies affiliated with the “War on Crime” sought to control rape through invigorated policing, prosecution, and punishment. Aware that these tactics would hurt black communities more than they helped them, black women anti-rape organizers appropriated state resources for projects that empowered black women survivors.


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