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Paul Israel: High School Teachers Institute

Monday, April 12, 2021, 09:00am - 02:30pm

Inventing America: Thomas Edison and the History of Technology and Industry

April 12, 2021, 9am-2:30pm

Paul Israel, Research Professor, And Director and General Editor, Thomas Edison Papers Project, Rutgers University

The Thomas A. Edison Papers at Rutgers is documenting the career of the famous inventor and of his many technological innovations. These are not only of national and international importance, but they also have special significance for the history of New Jersey, where Edison lived and worked from 1870 until his death in 1931.  Edison helped to invent industrial research at his laboratories in Newark, Menlo Park, and West Orange. And the inventions developed in his laboratories laid the foundation for three major industries—electric light and power, sound recording, and motion pictures—and  contributed to many others, including telecommunications, electric batteries, electric automobiles, mining, cement and office technologies. This seminar will examine Edison's historical significance and introduce participants to ways of incorporating the resources of the Edison Papers and the history of technology and industry into the teaching of history and social science. The seminar will be held at Edison's last laboratory in West Orange, N.J., which is part of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.