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Adam Di Battista: High School Teachers Institute

Friday, February 18, 2022, 09:30am - 02:00pm

February 18, 2022

“Broken Pots and Broken Bones: Understanding the Ancient World”

Adam Di Battista, New York University

Without written histories, how do scholars understand cultures that existed thousands of years in the past? While many ancient societies lack a formal historical record, most cultures left behind artifacts, texts, and even entire settlements. Using case studies from the Mediterranean and Near East (ca. 3500-500 BCE), we will examine large-scale patterns in the ancient world, such as ancient colonialism and international trade. However, archaeology also offers an intimate view into the private lives of individuals, including the foods they ate, the tools and daily objects they used, and the art they created. This seminar will examine how archaeologists and other scholars of the ancient world interpret the past at both inter-cultural and individual scales.