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Brett Rushforth: RBSC talk

Monday, February 20, 2023, 05:00pm - 06:30pm


The Rutgers British Studies Center


Brett Rushforth

(University of Oregon)


"Close Amity and Confederation:
Corsairs, Cimarrons, and the Fight Against Spanish Empire"

February 20, 2023
5:00 pm AB 6051


"Much has been written about the alliance between sixteenth-century English “sea dogs” and the Cimarrons, a powerful group of West Africans who escaped Spanish slavery and formed independent societies in Panama. Rushforth's broadly transimperial lecture focuses on the French role in Cimarrons' anti-Spanish partnerships to highlight their leadership and the importance of French seafarers in shaping the early Caribbean.


Flyer: Rushforth_Brett_RBSC_February_20_2023.pdf