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Chris Suh: Global Asias Book Talk

Friday, March 29, 2024, 02:30pm - 04:00pm


March 29, 2024

Book Talk

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Room 6051, Academic Building-West

15 Seminary Pl, New Brunswick, NJ 08540

Reception to Follow


Dr. Chris Suh is Assistant Professor of History at Emory University. His research and teaching interests include US in the World; Asian American History; Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity; and the Progressive Era. He is a historian of race, ethnicity, and inequality, specializing in transpacific connections between the United States and East Asia and Asian American history. He received his PhD in History from Stanford University.


Book Talk:

Drawing on his book, The Allure of Empire: American Encounters with Asians in the Age of Transpacific Expansion and Exclusion (Oxford University Press, 2023), Dr. Chris Suh will explain how inter-Asian relations shaped US policy toward Asian Americans and Asian Americans’ political struggles in the United States. In particular, Professor Suh will demonstrate how tracing the changing American perception of the Japanese empire’s relationship with Chinese and Korean people in the four decades leading up to World War II helps us understand the high-level decision-making in Washington D.C. as well as the political behavior of Asian American elites in the American West and US-educated Asian elites in East Asia. The talk will also suggest that, even after the collapse of the Japanese Empire in 1945, Asian and Asian American elites often adapted themselves to the white imperial expectations of nonwhite peoples’ “proper” behavior in pursuit of sovereignty, citizenship, and property rights and, in some cases, adopted “progressive” imperialism as their own in the age of global decolonization.



Dr. Andy Urban is Associate Professor of American Studies and History at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, whose research and teaching focuses on labor, migration, and public memory. Professor Urban’s current book project explores the history of Seabrook Farms, a frozen foods agribusiness in southern New Jersey that recruited and employed incarcerated Japanese Americans, guestworkers from the British West Indies, migrant farmworkers from the US South, European Displaced Persons, and stateless Japanese Peruvians during the 1940s and 1950s.


This event was organized by Global Asias: A School of Arts and Sciences Initiative with the Cold War Asias Graduate Student Working Group, and co-sponsored by the Department of History, the Department of American Studies, and the Graduate History Association.

* This event was funded wholly or in part by the Graduate Student Association (GSA).


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