• Philip J. Pauly
A Professor Remembered: Philip J. Pauly 

Professor Philip J. Pauly, 57, of Brooklyn, N.Y., a respected and dedicated educator at the University and a beloved husband and father, passed away Wednesday at Mount Sinai Hospital of New York after suffering from lymphoma for two years. As a member of the University community since 1981, he regularly taught the courses History of Exploration, History of Science and Society, Reading and Writing about Nature, and Science in American Culture. "Phil had unique and often strongly expressed opinions about things that mattered in teaching, in scholarship and in the way we build the department for the future," Clemens said. "He was very active in the life of the department and a scholar of national visibility. He exemplified bringing his own research interests into the classroom and connecting students with the things he was exploring as a scholar."

-- Daily Targum, April 7th 2008