• DeVun, Leah

    Professor of History
    Ph.D. Columbia University, 2004
    Medieval Europe: Women's and Gender History
  • Figueira, Thomas J.

    Distinguished Professor of Classics and of Ancient History
    Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
    Ancient and Medieval European History
  • Kelly, Samantha

    Professor of History; and Associate Department Chair
    Ph.D., Northwestern, 1998
    Medieval and Renaissance Europe and Africa: History of Italy and Ethiopia
  • Masschaele, James

    Professor of History; and Executive Vice Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
    Ph.D., University of Toronto
    Medieval Britain: Socio-Economic and Legal History
  • Reinert, Stephen

    Associate Professor of History; and Director, Modern Greek Studies Program
    Ph.D. in History (Byzantine, western medieval, medieval Balkans), UCLA (1982)
    Late Byzantine & Early Ottoman History
  • Rendsburg, Gary

    Blanche and Irving Laurie Distinguished Professor in Jewish History
    Ph.D., New York University
  • Tartakoff, Paola

    Professor of Jewish Studies and History
    Ph.D., Columbia
    Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History