Rutgers University–New Brunswick

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Paul Israel
Research Professor; and Director and General Editor, Thomas A. Edison Papers Project
Specialty: Modern US: History of Science and Technology
Office: Room 202C,44 Road 3 Building, Livingston Campus
Phone: 732-445-8511





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Thomas J. Figueira
Professor II of Classics and of Ancient History
Degree: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Rutgers : At Rutgers Since 1979
Specialty: Ancient and Medieval European History
Office: 312 Lucy Stone Hall
Phone: 732-445-6372
Office 2: 202 Van Dyck Hall
Phone 2: 848-932-8218

Other Degrees:

  • B.A., Fordham University


Thomas Figueira has been an active scholar in the fields of Greek history and literature, publishing on the history of the cities of Aegina, Athens, Megara, and Sparta, as well as on coinage, colonization, demography, and trade. He is currently working on a number of topics, including Attic demography; the Athenian tribute system; the economy of Sparta; the hero Aiakos; and the genesis of the democratic mind.



  • 510:201: Ancient Greece
  • 510:202: Ancient Rome
  • 510:300: Greek and Roman Slavery
  • 510:301: Early Greece
  • 510:302: Classical Greece
  • 510:303: The Hellenistic World
  • 510:304: The Rise of the Roman Republic
  • 510:307: Ancient Cultural and Intellectual History
  • 510:320: Women in Antiquity
  • 510:403: Ancient Warfare and Diplomacy


  • Courses in Greek, Latin, and Ancient History in the Classics Department


  • The Power of Money: Coinage and Politics in the Athenian Empire (University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia 1998)
  • T.J. Figueira, T.C. Brennan, and R.H. Sternberg, Wisdom from the Ancients: Enduring Business Lessons from Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and The Illustrious Leaders of Ancient Greece and Rome (Perseus Press, Boston 2001)
  • "The Evolution of the Messenian Identity," in Sparta: New Perspectives, S. Hodkinson & A. Powell, eds. (Swansea 1999) 211-44
  • For a complete list, see


  • Research Fellowship, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1984-85
  • Research Fellowship, Center for Hellenic Studies (Harvard University), Washington,
  • D.C., 1982-83
  • Fulbright Research Fellowship to Greece, 1976-77


  • Association of Ancient Historians
  • American Historical Association
  • American Philological Association
  • Archaeological Institute of America.
D. Christian Lammerts
Associate Professor of Buddhist and Southeast Asian Studies
Degree: Ph.D., Cornell University
Specialty: Premodern and early modern Southeast Asia; Burma; law; Buddhism
Tamara Sears
Associate Professor of Art History
Degree: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Specialty: South Asian visual culture; Religious art and architecture; Medieval studies; Colonial historiography; Landscape studies; Environment; Transregional studies


Angus Kress Gillespie
Degree: Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Specialty: American folklore