Rutgers University–Newark / New Jersey Institute for Technology

Portrait (head shot photo)
Neil Maher
Professor, NJIT, NJIT Chair and Graduate History Coordinator
Degree: Ph.D., New York University
Office: 325 Cullimore Hall, Newark, NJ, 07102-1982
Phone: 973-596-6348
  • Federated Department of History
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • University Heights
Daniel Asen
Associate Professor of Hisory
Degree: Ph.D., Columbia University
Specialty: Modern China; history of science, technology, and medicine; legal history


Kornel S. Chang
Associate Professor
Degree: Ph.D., Chicago
Specialty: Asian American history, US in the Pacific world, and race, migration, and labor in the Americas
Audrey Truschke
Assistant Professor
Degree: Ph.D., Columbia University
Specialty: South Asian history, Mughal Empire, modern India and Pakistan; cultural, imperial, and intellectual history of early modern and modern India (c. 1500-present)


Eva Giloi
Associate Professor
Degree: Ph.D., Princeton
Specialty: 19th and 20th century European history, modern Germany