• Matt K. Matsuda
  • Matt K. Matsuda
  • Professor of History; and Faculty Director of the Lloyd C. Gardner Fellowship Program
  • Degree: Ph.D., Department of History, UCLA (1993)
  • Rutgers : At Rutgers Since 1993
  • Specialty: Histories of the Pacific; Modern France; Modern Europe
  • Office: 210 Van Dyck Hall, 16 Seminary Place




Pacific Islands global and comparative histories and Asia-Pacific. Memory and historical consciousness, historiography, European empire and colonialism. Modern Europe, France, Nineteenth Century cultural and intellectual histories. Histories of genomics, decolonization, and science especially in Oceania.



  • Histories of the Pacific
  • Paris and Tokyo 1700-present
  • History and the Genome
  • Responsibilities and Rights (for the Gardner Fellows Program)
  • Seminar: History and Memory
  • Modern Europe II 1715-present
  • Europe in the Nineteenth Century
  • Modern European Intellectual History
  • History of Modern France, 1789-1996
  • Patterns in Civilization: Europe and Japan: Love
  • Asian American Immigration: Living Histories


  • Graduate Colloquium: Constructing Modernity
  • Graduate Colloquium: Theorizing Modern France
  • Modern European Problems and Directed Readings
  • Modern European Research Seminar
  • Weekly Seminar of the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis (1999-2001) "Utopia, Violence, Resistance: Remaking and Unmaking Humanity.




  • Genetic Drift: Genealogies, Genomes, and Histories in the Pacific (Palgrave Press, in contract, 2023)
  • A Primer for Teaching Pacific Histories, Antoinette Burton, series editor (Duke University Press, 2020), pp. 184
  • Pacific Worlds: A History of Seas, Peoples, and Cultures (Cambridge University Press, 2012) , pp. x11, 436
  • Empire of Love: Histories of France and the Pacific (Oxford University Press, 2005),  pp. vi, 232
  • The Memory of the Modern (Oxford University Press, 1996), pp. vi, 255


  • With Ryan T. Jones, co-editor and Paul D’Arcy, General Editor, Cambridge History of the Pacific Ocean. Volume 1, the Pacific to 1800 (2017-2023)
  • Palgrave Studies in Pacific History: A Monograph Series, Palgrave Macmillan Press, 7 volumes (2013- ). Founding Editor and Series Editor. From 2015 with Series Co-Editor, Bronwen Douglas:
    • Dario DiRosa, Frustrated Modernity in Post-Independence Papua New Guinea: An Indigenous History from Below (2023, in-process)
    • Daniel Simpson, The Royal Navy in Indigenous Australia: Collecting, Encounter, and Exchange on a Coastal Frontier, 1795-1855 (2021)
    • Meha Priyadarshini, Chinese Porcelain in Colonial Mexico (2018)
    • Paul Turnbull, To What Strange Uses: The Theft and Scientific Investigation of Aboriginal Australian Body Remains (2017)
    • Helen Gardner and Patrick McConvell, Southern Anthropology: A History of Fison and Howitt’s Kamilaroi and Kurnai (2015)
    • Bronwen Douglas, Science, Voyages, and Encounters in Oceania, 1511-1850 (2014)
    • Rainer Buschmann, Iberian Visions of The Pacific Ocean, 1507-1899, (2014)

Selected Articles and Chapters 

  • “The Pacific to 1800,” introduction for Vol. 1, Cambridge History of the Pacific Ocean (2023)
  • “Papaya Archives: Tin Roofs and Marble Arches,” in Brij Lal, ed., Serendipity: Autobiographical Reflections from Pacific Historians, (2023)
  • “About Ancestors: Origin Debates Connecting Oceania and Asia,” Journal of Pacific History (2021)
  • “Memory: Politics and Power in the Nineteenth Century” for A Cultural History of Memory, Susan Crane, ed. (2021)
  • “Postface,” for Pacific Insularity: Imaginary Geography of Insular Spaces in the Pacific, Thomas Schwarz and Michael Heitkemper-Yates, eds., Rikkyo University (2020)
  • “Afterword: A History of Germans in the Pacific” for Hartmut Berghoff, Frank Biess, Ulrike Strasser, et al., Explorations and Entanglements: Germans in Pacific Words from the Early Modern Period to World War I (2019)
  • “Genetic Drift: Pacific Pasts and Futures,” in Warwick Anderson, et al, eds., Pacific Futures, University of Hawai‘i Press (2018)
  • “Mobilities and Mobilizations: Pacific Histories,” in Georgine Clarsen, ed. Transfers, a journal of ideas and movements. (2016)
  • “Of Queens and Kinship: Politics and Legacies in the Colonial Pacific,” in Jared Poley, ed., Kinship and Community (2012)
  • “Nostalgia in French History: Passions and Purposes,” special Issue of Historical Reflections/Réflections Historiques, edited by Patrick Hutton (2012)
  • Emotional Latitudes: Special Issue of Historical Reflections/Réflections Historiques, Vol. 34, no.1 (Spring 2008) Co-edited with Alice Bullard
  • “Speaking of China, Speaking of Europe Across Cultures” Taiwan Journal of East Asian Studies (Fall 2007)
  • “This Territory Was Not Empty: Pacific Possibilities” Geographical Review, Special Issue, Vol. 97, no.2 (April 2007)
  • “Ocean-Based Histories—The Pacific” American Historical Review, Vol. 111. no. 3 (June 2006)
  • “Does Empire Have Memory?” Ab Imperio Forum (Fall 2004)
  • “Representing Landscape: the Place of History,” History and Theory, May (2004)
  • “Idols of the Emperor” in Jeffrey Olick, ed.,  States of Memory (University of Michigan Press, 2003)
  • "East of No West: The Posthistorie of Postwar France and Japan" in Douglas Slaymaker, ed., Confluences: Postwar France and Japan (University of Michigan Press, Fall 2002)
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  • "Idols of the Emperor" from The Memory of the Modern (forthcoming in Jeffrey Olick, ed., History and National Memory, 2002)
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  • "Doctor, Judge, Vagabond: Identity, Identification, and Other Memories of the State," History and Memory,Vol. 6, no. 1. 1994, pp. 73-94
  • "The Body of the Philosopher: Memory, Mythology, and the Modern," Strategies, Vol. 4/5 1991, pp. 134-150


  • Director, Lloyd C. Gardner Fellowship Program in Public Policy (2022-25)
  • Founding Academic Dean and Dean-in-Residence, Honors College-New Brunswick (2015-2021)
  • Dean, School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program (2010-14)
  • College Avenue Campus Dean (2007-14)
  • Vice-Chair for Undergraduate Education, History Department (2003-6)


  • Community/ University Research Partnership Grant with Intersect Fund (2012)
  • International Service Learning Grant with GREEN (Renewable Energy NGO) (2012)
  • Bildner Intercultural Fellows Grant: “Dancing Histories: Intercultural History” with Jeffrey Friedman (2005-6)
  • Purpose Grant: “Performing History” with Jennifer Jones (2003-4)
  • Bildner Intercultural Fellows Grant: “Asian Oceans: Intercultural History” with Indrani  Chatterjee (2003-4)
  • Project Director, "Utopia, Violence Resistance: Remaking and Unmaking
  • Humanity—Global Visions/ Local Histories," project for Rutgers Centerfor Historical Analysis (2000-2001)
  • Rutgers Dialogues Grant: "Rethinking the Pacific Century: History and Globalization" (1999, 2000, 2001)
  • NEH Summer Institute: Re-imagining Indigenous Cultures: The Pacific Islands East-West Center, Honolulu (1999)
  • Rutgers Faculty of Arts and Sciences Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Teaching (1997)
  • Faculty Prize, UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award (1990)
  • Paris Program in Critical Theory (1990)


  • Society for French Historical Studies
  • Western Society for French History
  • New York Area French History Seminar
  • Editorial Board Historical Reflections/ Réflections Historiques
  • Phi Beta Kappa Society
  • AAUP