Portrait (head shot photo)
Michael Adas
Abraham E. Voorhees Professor Emeritus of History and Board of Governors' Chair
Degree: Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Rutgers : At Rutgers from 1970-2015
Research Interests: World War I, the Vietnam War and their global impact, including Everyman in Vietnam: A Soldier’s Journey into the Quagmire, with Joseph J. Gilch;A Grave Dug in Flanders: World War I and the Crisis of the European World Order for the Cambridge University Press; and The Soldiers’ Lament: Misbegotten Wars and the Decline of Great Powers for the Harvard University Press.



  • 506:201 20th Century Global History to 1945
  • 506:202 20th Century Global History since 1945
  • 510:318 The Era of World War I
  • 506:360 Age of Global Empires, 1450-1750
  • 512:355 America's Rise to Global Power
  • History Seminars on "American Interventions Overseas" and "Colonial Wars"


  • 510:551 Seminar on Global and Comparative History
  • 510:574 Approaches to Global History
  • 510:575 Colloquium on Comparative and Global History


  • Everyman in Vietnam: A Soldier’s Journey Into the Quagmire, coauthored with Joseph Gilch (New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming Spring 2017).
  • “Racism and the First World War,” The 60th Anniversary Issue of Collected Papers of History Studies (Jilin, China: Jilin University, 2016), pp. 26-37.
  • “Ambivalent Ally: American Military Intervention and the Endgame and Impact of World War I,” Diplomatic History 38/3 (2014), pp. 1-14. Also published in David Ekbladh and Thomas Zeiler, eds., The American Legacy and World War 1 (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016).
  • “Aftermath of Defeat: The Enduring Costs of the Vietnam War,” Pacific and American Studies (Tokyo University) 14 (March 2014), pp. 7-20.
  • “The Age of Settlement and Colonization,” coauthored with Professor Hugh Cagle, the University of Utah, for TheAshgate Research Companion to Modern Imperial Histories, edited by Philippa Levine and John Marriot (Farnham, Surry: Ashgate, 2012).
  • "Comparative History and the Challenge of the Grand Narrative" A Companion to World History, edited by Douglas Northrup (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012).


  • Toynbee Prize, 2012
  • John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, 1984-1985
  • Warren Susman Teaching Award (1987-1988) and Teacher of the Year Award (1992)
  • NJ-NEH Book Award (1990) and the Dexter Prize (1991) for Machines as the Measure of Men


  • American Historical Association
  • World History Association
  • Society for the History of Technology