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  • Celso Mendoza
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  • Current Research: Latin American History, Early American

I became fascinated and enamored with Mexico's indigenous cultures ever since I first visited Mexico City as an undergraduate. After seeing the city's extensive archaeological museums, I bought nearly every book on the Aztecs and their language that I could find at the gift shops there. This fascination soon grew into an obsession so great that I changed my major to history. I graduated soon thereafter with a BA in history from UC Davis and then went on to earn an MA in Latin American Studies at UCLA in 2016. While at UCLA, I won a fellowship to study Nahuatl, the Aztec language, with native speakers at Yale in the summer of 2015. As a PhD in history at Rutgers I am looking forward to pursuing a dissertation project involving Nahuatl documents under the supervision of Camilla Townsend, an expert on everything Aztec. I can be reached at celsoam at outlook dot com.