Graduate Student Bios

Lisette Varón-Carvajal is a PhD Candidate in history at Rutgers, studying the history of popular medicine in Colombia during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her dissertation project titled “A World with no Doctors: Gender and Race in the History of Popular Medicine in Colombia 1700-1850” investigates the lives and medical practices of unlicensed healers, surgeons, and midwives, and analyzes the role of gender and race in the production of medical knowledge. By placing the project within a global history of science approach, A World with no Doctors also reflects on how the present informs the ways of understanding Latin America’s medical the past, seeking to unveil the hidden relationship between history and memory in the case of popular medicine in Colombia. Lisette received her BA from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, and she has worked with feminist and governmental organizations on topics of sexual and domestic violence in Colombia.  Currently, Lisette is host of the New Books Network, specifically of the "Latin American Studies," and the "Science, Technology and Society Studies” channels.