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  • Kevin Young
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  • Current Research: Latin American, Caribbean History, Global and Comparative

Kevin C Young is a PhD Candidate majoring in Latin American/Caribbean and minoring in Global Comparative history. He has an MA in World History from Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. He recently completed a year of research in Cuba for his dissertation, NativesNomads, Exiles, and Slaves: The Invisible Indio in Cuba, 1750-1898, a bottom-up regional study of identities and politics in transition during the late colonial and liberal nationalist periods. A tejano raised in Mexico and Puerto Rico, Kevin is a retired Cold War naval cryptologist and former stay-at-home-dad who combines research and writing with PTL teaching in History and Latin American/Caribbean Studies. He has a chapter scheduled for publication in African Sacred Spaces (Rowman, forthcoming), and has presented at conferences in Cuba and Costa Rica inter alia.