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  • Shaun Armstead
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  • Current Research: Women's and Gender, American History, Global and Comparative

Shaun Armstead is a doctoral student studying women’s transnational activism in the post-World War II era. Her dissertation, tentatively titled Toward a Universal Human Family: Third World Women Activists and Their Visions for a New World Order, 1945-1985,” focuses on Third World women’s efforts to secure global peace through freeing the world of racism and sexism from the founding conference of the United Nations until the end of the UN International Women’s Decade. Focusing on African American, Sri Lankan, and Indian women, Shaun examines their visions of and actions for creating a new world order. In centering these actors, she hopes to contribute to work seeking to produce nuanced understandings of Third World women’s internationalism before the late twentieth century. Central considerations to Shaun’s research include understanding why these women initially saw hope and possibility in extending their activism to a global dimension, and the geopolitical forces that constricted that international terrain as decolonization movements and the Cold War swept the globe. She received her BA in History from Auburn University in 2015 and is presently a graduate fellow at the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis.