Ian Gavigan (he/him) is a labor and political historian currently completing his dissertation at Rutgers-New Brunswick. His research examines the interaction between state development and class formation. Gavigan's dissertation, "Socialist Stronghold: The Socialist Party, Labor, and the Making of U.S. Politics from the Gilded Age to the New Deal," recasts American Political Development by demonstrating how gendered and racialized processes of working-class organization drove changes in U.S. statecraft at critical junctures from the turn of the century through the New Deal Era. Gavigan has taught history in and outside the university classroom. Bolstered by longstanding collaborations with labor unions, policymakers, and social justice organizations, he has performed extensive public scholarship linking historical research to contemporary political debates. From 2019-2023, Gavigan served as editorial assistant to Labor: Studies in Working-Class History. His writing has appeared in, among other venues, Dissent and the Philadelphia Inquirer.