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  • Tatiana Seijas
  • Associate Professor of History
  • Degree: PhD, Yale University, New Haven, CT (Sep 2002 - Dec 2008)
  • Additional Degree(s): MA, Columbia University, New York, NY (May 2001), BA, Columbia College, New York, NY (May 1995)
  • Specialty: Early Modern Global History, Pacific World, and Latin America
  • Email:
  • Office: 219 Van Dyck Hall: on research leave, 2020-21
  • Research Interests: Early Modern economics; Pacific World; Philippine Islands; Mexico; Slavery; Iberian Empires; Borderlands; 19th-century US-Mexico relations


As a historian, I aim to cross historiographical and geographical frontiers and to reconstruct the everyday experiences of people who were born without the privileges of power. I want to include their stories in the historical narratives of the "early modern" period and nineteenth century, when Indigenous peoples around the world confronted European colonialism.

Among my current projects is a monograph titled Global Mexico City in the Seventeenth Century, and an edited book As If She Were Free: A Collective Biography of Women and Emancipation in the Americas (co-edited with Erica L. Bell and Terri L. Snyder, forthcoming, Cambridge UP: 2020).

Before coming to Rutgers, I was Associate Professor at Penn State and Assistant Professor of History at Miami University.


Recent Fellowships


I teach courses on the Pacific World, the History of Slavery, and Early Modern Americas

Read student projects completed in my undergraduate seminars: