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The History Department at the New Brunswick Campus has a deep and sustained commitment to teaching and research in global and comparative history. Globally-focused courses have long formed a significant part of the History undergraduate major and have flourished as a minor field in our Ph.D. program. Now, with the new Global and Comparative History M.A. program, the scholarly excellence of the department and the faculty’s strong commitment to teaching and advising are available to students seeking a master’s degree.

Courses designed for the Global and Comparative master’s degree are scheduled in the late afternoon or evening to accommodate teachers and other program participants who are employed full- or part-time. Classes are upper-level and small, which facilitates extensive interaction between faculty and students and among students with different field emphases and career objectives. The Rutgers University master’s degree program in Global and Comparative History is designed to serve students with a variety of objectives, taking into account the needs and interests of each individual.

For Educators

Secondary and middle school teachers will find that the Global and Comparative History master’s degree enhances the depth and range of their knowledge of the history of major regions and societies, and of the processes that have increasingly connected them worldwide. Emphasizing flexibility with regards to individual students’ experiences and needs, the program offers a broad range of area and comparative courses oriented to the needs of teachers working toward the global history master’s degree.

Graduate history faculty offer extensive advising on how to develop compelling world history courses and effective curriculums for individual schools or district school systems. Completion of the degree also includes focused research opportunities in a variety of venues, ranging from master’s theses and publishable essays to museum shows and world history program proposals.

For Students Pursuing a Ph.D.

For students whose objective is to strengthen their ability to compete for admission to and funding from Ph.D. programs in history or the other social sciences, the Global and Comparative M.A. provides an exceptional bridge towards that goal. A primary objective of the Global and Comparative History program is to allow non-traditional students and those shifting from other disciplines to gain skills and achieve mastery of the substantial literature, key debates, and different approaches to global history to successfully engage in the most rigorous and competitive Ph.D. programs, public history initiatives, or institutes or other schools with an international focus.

For Rutgers Ph.D. Students, Advanced Undergraduates, and Others Interested in International History

Courses in the program are open to Ph.D. candidates in the Rutgers History Department, students enrolled in the combined five-year BA-MEd. Program at the Graduate School of Education, as well as individuals seeking to earn graduate credits while enriching their knowledge of one of the fastest growing and most relevant sub-fields of history in a time of accelerating globalization. The advanced courses linked to the Global and Comparative master’s degree program also admit, with permission of their instructors, talented upper-level undergraduate students who plan to pursue area studies or globally-oriented post-graduate careers.

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