Rutgers graduate students in history regularly publish in major journals across the discipline. Here is a selection of recent graduate student publications that appeared or are appearing between 2018 and 2020:

Blakely, Christopher, "To Get a Cargo of Flesh, Bone, and Blood: Animals in the Slave Trade in West Africa" has just appeared in vol 5 issue 1, International Review of Environmental History. (Spring 2019) 

Charkrabarty, Satyiasikha, “‘Nurses of Our Ocean Highways’: The Precarious Metropolitan Lives of Colonial South Asian Ayahs”, Journal of Women’s History (Forthcoming, Winter, 2019) 

Charkrabarty, Satyiasikha, “European nurses and governesses in Indian Princely households: ‘Uplifting that impenetrable veil?’” Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, Volume 19, Number 1, Spring 2018. 

Criales, Jessica, “‘Women of Our Nation’: Gender in Christian Indian Communities in the United States and Mexico, 1724-1850,” Early American Studies, forthcoming vol. 17, issue 4, fall 2019.

Frydman, Hannah, “Capitalism’s Back Pages: ‘Immoral’ Advertising and Invisible Markets in Paris’s Mass Press, 1880-1940” in The Hidden Worlds of Capitalism: Beyond the Visible Market, Kenneth Lipartito and Lisa Jacobson, eds. (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, forthcoming). 

Harris, Patrick, “Pierre-Victor Malouet’s Exilic Politics and the Fate of Saint-Domingue.” In Connected Histories and Memories: French Emigrants in Revolutionized Europe (War, Culture and Society, 1750-1850). Eds. Laure Phillip and Juliette Reboul. Palgrave Macmillian, 2019, forthcoming. 

Reynolds, Melissa, “‘Here is a Good Boke to Lerne’: Practical Books, the Coming of the Press, and the Search for Knowledge, ca. 1400-1560” Journal of British Studies 58 (April 2019). 

Tate, Ryan, “Places of Overburden: The American West and the 1970s Energy Crisis” in Kathleen Brosnan and Brian Frehner eds., The Great Plains: An Environmental History (University of Oklahoma Press), (forthcoming).

Tate, Ryan, “Slow Violence and Hidden Injuries: The Work of Strip Mining in the Anthropocene,” in Joan Sangster and Jeremy Milloy eds., Workplace Violence: A History (Toronto: University of Toronto Press), (forthcoming). 

Tate, Ryan, “The Bolt Weevils: Rural Revolt and the Alternative Technology Movement in the 1970s” Technology and Culture (forthcoming).

Williams, Kyle, “‘Roosevelt’s Populism’: The Kansas Oil War of 1905 and the Making of Corporate Capitalism.” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 19, no. 1 (January 2020).