Public History Courses

Public History Certificate Courses

  • History Workshop - 506:299 (offered each semester)
  • Public History: Theory, Method, & Practice - 506:301 (offered each Spring)
  • A course in oral history or digital history (offered each Spring)
  • Public History Internship - 506:451 (offered each semester)
  • An approved elective in New Jersey history, historic preservation, documentary filmmaking, or other related topics (offered each semester; see full list below)





Approved Electives

Additional elective options may be available from semester to semester. This list is accurate as of November 2020.  If you are interested in a relevant public history or public humanities-oriented course, you can submit a petition to the program coordinator to have that course counted toward the certificate.

American Studies

050:281 Architecture and Cultural Change on Old Queens Campus

050:284 American Studies Media Culture Project

050:291 Jerseyana: New Jersey as a Culture

050:300 Museums, Monuments, and American Culture

050:350 Festival Curation Seminar

050:450 Seminar in Folk Festival Management

050: 223 Learning from the Past: Early America and the 21st Century

050: 264 American Folklife

050:291 Jerseyana: New Jersey as a Culture

050:350 Festival Curation Seminar


070:208 Survey of Historical Archaeology

070:333 Colonial Archaeology

070:393 Cultural Resource Management

070:380 Culture, Memory, History

070: 105 Introduction to Archaeology

070: 313 Historical Archaeology

Art History

082:430 Cultural Heritage Preservation

082:300 History of Modern Crafts and Design

082:441 Topics in Historic Preservation

082:444 Studies in Architectural Preservation

082:445 Studies in the Art & Architecture of New Jersey

082:391 Nineteenth Century Architecture & Society in the US

082:447 Historic Preservation Internship

082:332 African American Art

082:441 Significance of Objects: Material Culture Studies


351:314 Documentary Filmmaking for Writers


450:331 New Jersey

450:321 Geographic Information Systems

450:208 Maps, Power, & Digital World

450:103 Human Geography: Space, Place, & Location

Landscape Architecture

11:550:330 History of Landscape Architecture

11:550:430 Advanced Landscape History Seminar

11:550:275 Practices of Power in the Built Environment

11:550:301 Social & Cultural Aspects of Design


512:310 New Jersey History

508:209 Jerusalem Contested

512:220 Family History

508:110 Political Islam

512:235 Accidents & Disasters in the US and the World

506:391 Any CHAPS (Cultural Heritage or Preservation Studies)

Political Science

 790:305 Public Policy Formation

790:341 Public Administration

790:316 Politics, Literature, and the Arts

Women & Gender Studies

988:200 Gender, Digital Media, & Social Curation