Public History Certificate Courses

  • History Workshop - 506:299 (offered each semester)
  • Public History: Theory, Method, & Practice - 506:301 (offered each Spring)
  • A course in oral history or digital history (offered each Spring)
  • Public History Internship - 506:451 (offered each semester)
  • An approved elective in New Jersey history, historic preservation, documentary filmmaking, or other related topics (offered each semester, see list below)

 Fall 2019 Certificate Courses




Selected Approved Electives

Additional elective options may be available from semester to semester. If you are interested in a relevant public history or public humanities-oriented course, you can submit a petition to the program coordinator to have that course counted toward the certificate.

American Studies
050:281 Architecture and Cultural Change on Old Queens Campus
050:284 American Studies Media Culture Project
050:291 Jerseyana: New Jersey as a Culture
050:300 Museums, Monuments, and American Culture

070:208 Survey of Historical Archaeology
070:333 Colonial Archaeology
070:393 Cultural Resource Management

Art History
082:430 Cultural Heritage Preservation
082:300 History of Modern Crafts and Design
082:441 Topics in Historic Preservation
082:444 Studies in Architectural Preservation
082:445 Studies in the Art & Architecture of New Jersey
082:391  Nineteenth Century Architecture & Society in the US

351:314 Documentary Filmmaking for Writers

Environmental Resources
11:372:322 Surveying and Mapping
11:372:409 New Jersey Planning Practice

01:450:331 New Jersey
01:450:321 Geographic Information Systems

Landscape Architecture
11:550:330 History of Landscape Architecture
11:550:430 Advanced Landscape History Seminar

01:512:310 New Jersey History
01:508:321 African Cultural History
01:506:391 Any CHAPS (Cultural Heritage or Preservation Studies)