STEM in Society Minor

STEM in Society History Minor/Certificate

STEM in Society History Minor/Certificate

Interested in STEM fields?  Find out how science, technology, engineering and environment, medicine and quantification have shaped the world we live in today!

The new STEM in Society minor/certificate bridges humanities and the sciences to

  • examine how and why science, technology and engineering, environment, medicine and quantification have changed from the ancient world to the present day
  • consider how this past matters to the present and future, from both American and global perspectives
  • reveal what is often hidden in 21st-century understandings of STEM: behind scientific discovery, technical innovation, and medical advancement is a complex history of successes, failures, controversies, and unintended ecological consequences

The STEM in Society minor is especially well suited for undergraduates in SAS, Engineering, SEBS, Biomedical and Health Sciences, the Bloustein School, and SCI.

6 courses from the list of courses below are required for the minor (for non-History majors) and 5 courses are required from the list below for the certificate (for History majors).  No prior History coursework is necessary. 

Take cutting-edge courses on histories of science, technology/technoscience, environment/envirotech, and health, including:

  • Data: A Social History
  • Health and Environment in the U.S.
  • Science and Society
  • The Edison Effect: Technological Innovation in American Culture
  • History of Oil
  • Accidents & Disasters in the US & the World
  • Technology & Nature in American History
  • Contemporary Challenges in International Health
  • History of Health and Healing in Africa
  • Health, Culture, and Society
  • History of Medical Ethics
  • Drugs: A Social History
  • Science, Collecting, and Power

And more coming in fall 2020!

Contact STEM in Society faculty advisors to learn more:

Professor James Delbourgo

Professor Jamie Pietruska


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